George Jones - Oil Paintings

George Hill Jones was born in 1956 in Dallas, Texas. George has been drawing and painting basically his whole life since going to the principal’s office in the first grade for drawing the Beatles. 

George applies a large amount of paint on most of his work and is a combination brush and palette knife painter. His art takes on a 3-D look with the use of large chunks of fresh paint. His color pallet has consisted of bright, contrasting colors and his paintings are positive and are meant for people to view and feel good about the world around them.

George wants to inspire people and give them a very optimistic and upbeat mood after viewing his work. “I want my work to reach out to people and just make them happy," he says. "There is way too much sadness in the world. I believe most people are looking for things that will bring them up to a better place or mood or perhaps help them escape from their daily lives.”

George H. Jones began his career as an artist at a very early age, creating graphite renderings and painting in watercolors but soon progressed to oils, a medium he has adopted for the last 25 years. A lifetime resident of Texas, George is one of a limited number of established artists whose body of work captivates the attention of private and public collectors across the country. Working in large format, Jones’ paintings invoke eccentricity through the use of impressionist shapes and color.

Style: Abstract Palette Knife | Bold, vibrant and whimsical are a few words that describe Jones’ wet on wet abstract works.  You see it in the layer upon layer of generous paint applied in colors and hues that create mystery and leave much to the imagination of the viewer. Hues, such as dark russet and midnight blue, contribute to an ambiance that is decidedly mysterious.

Style: True-to-Life Brushworks | For these works, George uses brush strokes that provide more detail to the paintings’ subjects and yields a softer and more realistic feel.

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